Dementia is the broad term for a variety of cognitive diseases that you can develop over your lifetime. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which affects more than 55 million people worldwide. Losing your memory or watching a loved one go through the drastic personality changes associated with Alzheimer’s can be scary and overwhelming. Our staff at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville explains more below about dementia and how to support your brain as you age, so read on to learn more. Read on →

Getting hurt is just a part of life sometimes. While we do our best to avoid injury and be aware of our surroundings, it is not always possible to completely avoid dangerous situations. Thankfully, minor injuries like small cuts and sprains will heal on their own, but more severe injuries require medical attention. If you are ever concerned that an injury lead to a broken bone, we can help! Our center is fully equipped with an X-ray machine, and we can diagnose and treat you faster. Read on →

Experiencing food poisoning is always an unfortunate situation. It isn’t fair when a fun night out with friends or a delicious meal at home with your partner turns into a painful and frustrating illness. While it is certainly not a fun experience, food poisoning infections like salmonella are mostly just a nuisance for a few days and you will start to recover on your own. Our AFC Urgent Care Knoxville team explains more about what to expect from a salmonella infection below, so read on to be informed. Read on →

We are looking forward to the warm summer season just like you! Sunny days, warm breezes and family memories are what this time of year is all about. Even though this season is a favorite to many, though, you still have to work hard to protect yourself from the dangers of the summer sun. The rays of the sun can have a negative impact on your skin, and your risk for developing skin cancer increases with each sunburn you receive. Read on →

Your diet and exercise routine directly affect how you feel on a daily basis. The better you treat your body, the better you will feel overall. As you age, you will start to feel the effects of the lifestyle you choose to lead. One part of our bodies that requires our attention throughout our lives is our bones! Taking steps to improve your bone health can help your bones stay strong as you age. Read on →

Spring has sprung in the Knoxville area! We are grateful to see warmer weather and blooming flowers and trees once more. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, however, you might not welcome the change in season as much. Seasonal allergies can cause some really unpleasant symptoms! This is due to the increased level of pollen in the air in the springtime. Treating your seasonal allergies can help you find relief and manage your symptoms during this time of year. Read on →

The healthcare community has certainly been through massive changes over the course of the pandemic. While it is good news that the pandemic’s emergency status is coming to an end in May, it also brings some changes to the availability and capabilities of telemedicine. What isn’t changing are the benefits that an in-person medical appointment at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville can offer you. Our local, friendly approach to patient care is remaining consistent, and we explain below why an in-person visit with us is a reliable way to seek medical care. Read on →

If your ear has been bothering you lately, there are many different reasons why that might be! Allergies, sinus issues, a recent change in elevation or even the weather can be hard on your ears. In addition, there is always the chance you are experiencing an ear infection. Ear infections are incredibly common, especially in children! If you are wondering if your pain is related to an ear infection, our AFC Urgent Care Knoxville team has the answer below, so read on. Read on →

It is common to experience many different emotions and feelings throughout the year. Some events bring us joy and others can produce feelings of loneliness and sadness. While these common experiences are usually nothing to worry about, lingering feelings of hopelessness and the desire to socially isolate yourself may indicate a more serious mental health issue. While symptoms of depression can occur at any time throughout the year, seasonal affective disorder tends to follow a seasonal pattern. Read on →

Developing a cough is common with many different illnesses, especially during the winter season. While a cough is not necessarily an immediate cause for concern, it may be the indication of the beginning of a chest or lung infection. Bronchitis and pneumonia are both infections that can become severe if they aren’t monitored closely, so it is important to receive a proper diagnosis and watch your symptoms carefully. Our AFC Urgent Care Knoxville team explains the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia below, so read on. Read on →