3 Ways to Make Your Family Time Healthy | Knoxville, TN Walk-In Clinic

As we enter May, it’s time to learn about how to incorporate healthy living into your family routine. Especially since May is Family Wellness Month!

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville wants to give your family some ideas on how to include wellness into your daily lives.

Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health—Oh My!

Overall wellness isn’t just about eating right and exercising regularly. There are many areas that make up our overall health.

And the best part? They can all be taken care of by incorporating some new habits into your family routine.

Take a look at some ways you can help to improve your family’s overall wellness, starting today!

Start a Routine of Cooking Together

Start having your children help with dinner. This can start way before the actual dinner preparations—invite your little ones to help you choose recipes and select fruits and veggies at the grocery store.

Cooking with your children allows you the quality time you might be missing out on a daily basis with everyone’s hectic schedules. Laughing at measuring mistakes, starting new traditions like veggie pizza Friday and having fun just being together before and during dinner can make suppertime that much more special! Plus, kids who are involved in dinner preparations are more likely to eat what they’re served. That’s a win-win, for sure!

Host a Weekly Family Night Once a Week

Between work, church, school and other commitments, the family schedule can fill up quickly. But make one of those appointments a date for family time—and make it an appointment that you don’t miss!

Family night can consist of:

  • Playing board games
  • Assembling puzzles
  • Having a family slumber party
  • Camping in the backyard
  • Hosting a craft night

If you don’t want to stay indoors for family night, make it a family day activity every once in a while. And with various events going on around Knoxville, there’s plenty of family fun outings to be had.

The City People Downtown Home Tour is happening May 3–5. During this event, community members of all ages come together to show there is nothing typical about residential life in downtown Knoxville.

Kick off the summer with your kiddos by participating in the Children’s Festival of Reading! At World’s Fair Park on May 19, children will be able to dance and sing along with entertainers, meet favorite authors, and participate in science experiments, crafts and games!

Come Together as a Family

Make sure you are checking in with your family at least once a week to ensure everyone knows what is going on for the week. This also provides an opportunity for any family member to bring up concerns or problems they may have.

Sunday nights make a great night to go over the weekly calendar, talk about the responsibilities/chores each person has this week and go over the dinner menu so that everyone can make a suggestion on what one meal should be during the week!

Every member of the family should be a part of the decision process. And check-in hour makes for the perfect time to ensure everyone in the family is on the same page.

When was the last time your family members had a wellness exam? Visit AFC Urgent Care Knoxville today for a yearly physical to ensure everyone’s health is where it needs to be for a fun and healthy year!