Are Sports Good for My Health?

It’s good to have a little friendly competition in your life. While team sports have taken a bit of a backseat this year due to the pandemic, engaging in some athletics can do great things for your mind and body.

Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville explains why.

Why Are Sports Good for Me?

Not only does it feel good to be a part of a team, but playing sports has also been known to boost your overall health and well-being. Due to usually pretty rigorous exercise, engaging in athletic activity and team sports helps you get in shape and stay that way.

Performing athletics with others is also a great way to meet other people in different backgrounds and learn valuable life lessons such as patience, teamwork, responsibility and empathy. Some other benefits of team sports and athletics are listed below.

Other Benefits of Sports

  • Will help you lose weight
  • Strengthens cardiovascular health
  • Improves endurance
  • Improves cognitive ability
  • Boosts positive self-image

How Can I Play Sports During the Pandemic?

While the benefits of team sports are many, playing sports in a large group isn’t the safest thing to do in light of the coronavirus. However, that doesn’t mean that all athletic events and sports must halt.

Playing socially distant sports like tennis and golf or wearing breathable masks during sporting events are great ways to enjoy the benefits that these activities offer while staying safe. If you are a college student and have previously enjoyed intramural activities, check with your university to see what safety precautions are being observed during various sporting and athletic events.

How to Stay Safe When Playing Sports

  • Stay as socially distant as possible.
  • Wear a mask when possible.
  • Stay home if you are showing symptoms of sickness.
  • Use and bring your own gear.
  • Clean your hands before and after practices, games and sharing equipment.

AFC Urgent Care Knoxville wants you to stay active, but we also want you to stay healthy! Visit us if you are feeling under the weather.