Can I Treat My Sore Throat at Home?

It can come on all of a sudden. One day you are just fine, and the next day you have a sore throat.

But is it just a sore throat or something more? The team at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville wants to offer some perspective on sore throat symptoms and when you may need to seek medical attention.

What Is a Sore Throat?

When someone has a sore throat, they are usually experiencing some kind of pain in the throat. While most cases of a sore throat are due to a virus like the cold or flu, there are many other culprits behind sore throats.

Causes of a Sore Throat

  • Allergies
  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Strep
  • Tonsillitis

When Should I See a Doctor for My Sore Throat?

If you are running a high fever along with a sore throat, you should seek medical attention.

However, if your throat is just feeling scratchy and no fever is present, you can wait a few days to see if home remedies help you find relief. If after three to five days your sore throat is still bothering you, then a physician visit should be on your to-do list.

Treatments for a Sore Throat

  • Take antibiotics if prescribed for a bacterial infection.
  • Add lemon to hot tea.
  • Gargle with salt water.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Try throat lozenges or OTC pain relievers.

Have you been experiencing a sore throat for a few days with no relief? Visit AFC Urgent Care Knoxville today for a medical evaluation.