Can Other Medications Interact With Antibiotics?

If you have a bacterial infection, the most common course of treatment is a simple round of antibiotics. They can be prescribed after a quick visit at our clinic, and once you start taking them, you should begin to feel relief within a day or two.

If you are currently taking another daily medication, though, you have to exercise some caution. Some drugs and medications can interact with antibiotics and either produce unpleasant side effects or render the medication ineffective.

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Why Do I Need Antibiotics?

Most bacterial infections require some type of treatment in order to go away. Some cases can resolve on their own, but the most effective treatment is antibiotics! They go to work right away and can typically eradicate your infection within seven to 14 days.

If you are given a prescription for a round of antibiotics, you need to take every dose exactly how it is prescribed. This will ensure that your infection does not come back and that you are not unknowingly spreading it around to others.

Typical Infections That Require Antibiotics

  • UTI (urinary tract infection)
  • Skin infections like MRSA
  • Ear or sinus infections
  • Bacterial pneumonias

What Medications Are on the List of Possible Interactions?

Any medication has the potential to cause side effects if it is taken alongside another drug, so it is always recommended to share your entire medical history with your care team. For example, some blood-thinning medications don’t work well alongside an antibiotic like cephalosporin and can actually increase your chance of uncontrolled bleeding.

If you are on the contraceptive pill, antibiotics can actually reduce their effectiveness while you are taking your prescription. You will need to be extra careful during this time in order to protect yourself while you are waiting for your symptoms to improve.

When Antibiotics Can Be Risky

  • Alcohol
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Blood thinner medications
  • Any medication not cleared by your doctor

Antibiotics are a great resource, but only when they are used in a responsible way. Come see us for an evaluation at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville!