Find Sleep in 2017

By now, you probably have a number of resolutions written down on a piece of paper. Lose weight. Eat healthy. Get a promotion at work. Be happier in 2017. Do you know what all these resolutions have in common? You’ll need to get quality sleep in order to make them happen!

You Need Your Sleep

Most American adults need between between seven and nine hours of good, restful sleep each night in order to be at their best the next day. Productivity, awareness, critical thinking skills and energy all depend on sleep to get them going. If you aren’t getting the sleep you need each night, you aren’t going to be able to accomplish all you need to the following day.

To start sleeping “like a baby,” get on a sleep schedule. Just like you make a schedule for work and family activities, you need to make sure you schedule time for your sleep every night. During this time, turn off all electronics, and, if you need to wind down, read a book or meditate to get your mind and body ready for rest.

Also, try not to drink anything but water after 3 p.m. The effects of caffeinated beverages can take hours to wear off. Therefore, by stopping certain beverages before the evening arrives, you are giving your body enough time to go into “sleep” mode.

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