Get Out and Active as a Family during Family Fit Month | Knoxville, TN Walk-In Clinic

Now that the craziness of the holiday season is coming to an end, the team at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville wants to help you get back on the healthy track. And we want you to bring the family, too!

Healthy Habits Start in January

OK, you had your holiday “break.” You ate the sugar, skipped the workouts and watched all the holiday movies you could fit in during the month of December. But now it’s back to business. And not just for you, but for your entire family.

Children learn from their parents, which is what makes this month so important. Family Fit Month can help you, as a parent, be a positive role model to your child when it comes to establishing healthy habits. Read on to find out how you and your family can get fit in 2018 by building healthy habits today!

First, and you will probably think we are crazy, but take your children to the grocery store with you this month. No, it’s not because we are trying to add more stress to your year. Taking them grocery shopping offers an opportunity for you to share information about what foods are healthy, as well as teach them essential skills like how to read a nutrition label. There are learning opportunities everywhere, including the grocery store!

Second, find ways to get moving throughout the day. No, watching television all day long isn’t the healthiest choice to make. However, a little TV time to watch your favorite shows is to be expected! But take advantage of the commercial breaks to get active. The next time your favorite show is on, break out some commercial break exercises as a family!

Finally, you need to make time to get outside as a family, too! Whether it is playing in the snow (if any falls this year) or going on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, the fresh air can do everyone in the family some good. In the winter, most people keep the doors and windows closed for the majority of the time, which reduces the air flow in the home and keeps germs around for longer. Stepping outdoors for a while is healthy! And the sunshine gives you a healthy dose of vitamin D and can help improve your mood.

If you are looking for somewhere to get in a brisk walk, be sure to check out the ArtWalk in Knoxville, which happens on the first Friday of each month. The next one’s coming up in just days on Jan. 5!

Remember, these are just a few suggestions when it comes to getting fit as a family. There are many ways to bond with your family while also getting healthy. Perhaps there is something your family already does, such as running/walking races together throughout the year. If so, be sure to let us know, as other families might be looking for inspiration for their own!

When was the last time you had a wellness checkup? If it’s been over a year, visit AFC Urgent Care Knoxville for a routine physical examination to ensure your health is ready for the new year! No appointment is necessary.