Is Cycling a Good Form of Exercise?

Definitely! Although many people suggest running as a worthwhile exercise, cycling is another fantastic exercise to add to the conversation.

In addition to being a great form of exercise, riding your bike is also a cheap and fun way to get around! Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville highlights why cycling is beneficial to your overall health.

How Is Cycling Good for My Body?

Cycling is a great exercise because it varies in its intensity, making it suitable for people of all ages. Young or old, riding your bike as a hobby, exercise or competitively offers an aerobic exercise that is easy on the joints and burns lots of calories.

Check out some more benefits that cycling has on the body below.

More Physical Health Benefits of Cycling

  • Helps lower fat levels and manage weight
  • Improves overall function in your lower body and strengthens your leg muscles without overstressing them
  • Works your core muscles, including your back and abdominals
  • Can ease feelings of stress, depression or anxiety

Is Cycling Better Than Running?

It really just depends on your goals and what you want from your respective exercise. Both help you burn calories, manage weight, and build and tone muscle.

Because cycling’s intensity level is a little more variant than running, running generally burns more calories than cycling. However, running is a much higher impact exercise and is harder on the muscles and joints. So, pick whichever one fits your lifestyle to ensure you’ll enjoy it and stick with it. You can also switch between the two to reap the benefits of each activity and prevent boredom.

Things to Consider When Choosing Between Cycling or Running

  • Cycling is more expensive than running due to the initial investment of a bicycle and the cost to maintain the bike over time.
  • A high-quality pair of running shoes can also be expensive and is essential to purchase when seriously running.
  • If you’re interested in cycling, try borrowing a friend’s gear before you purchase your own to make sure you’re all in.

No matter the exercise, AFC Urgent Care Knoxvile urges you to stay active! Visit us if you are in need of any medical attention.