The Symptoms That Come from Motherhood | Knoxville, TN Walk-In Clinic

At AFC Urgent Care Knoxville, we want the moms out there to know that it’s just as important to care for your own health as it is to care for your family’s health. Especially when being a mom can cause a wide array of symptoms.

You Know You’re a Mom If…

You Don’t Have Sick Days

Does this sound familiar to any mom out there? Everyone in your house can have a “sick” day, but to you, being sick just means another obstacle in the way of getting things done. As a result, it’s important for moms to do all they can to prevent illness by washing hands frequently, exercising, drinking enough water to stay hydrated, getting a good night’s sleep—and having regular medical checkups.

You Carry More Than Your Body Weight—And Then Some

Who knew you could hold so many things at once? Your child. The diaper bag. Your purse. A drink for everyone. Groceries. And this is all in one trip! Of course, while you are “superwoman,” even she has her fair share of aches and pains. Therefore, if during one of the moments of “carrying it all,” you sprain your wrist or even roll your ankle because you can’t see the floor, visit us immediately for care so that your injury doesn’t worsen.

Moms need health care, too! At AFC Urgent Care Knoxville, we know you don’t have time for long waits. Visit us today so that we can get you in and out quickly, feeling at your best!