What Steps Can You Take to Prevent Eye Injuries?

When we think about protecting our health, what we eat and how much we exercise might come to mind. But there is another aspect of your health you should focus on, too—your eye health.

During Eye Injury Prevention Month this October, our team at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville wants you to know how you can prevent eye injuries, whether you are playing a sport or are at work!

Can Eye Injuries Be Prevented?

Yes! Around 90% of all eye injuries could have been prevented. Therefore, it is important to do all you can when at work or playing a sport to help protect your vision.

Because of the very nature of sports, you’re at a higher risk of injury, eyes included. But you can take steps to protect your eyes.

Ways to Prevent Eye Injuries

  • Wear appropriate eye protection for the sport being played.
  • Even if one eye has 2020 vision, you need to be wearing eye protection when on the field.
  • Wear additional protective eyewear even if you also wear glasses or contacts.
  • Take care of your eye gear to make sure it stays in optimal shape.

What Are Some Common Eye Injuries?

An eye injury can happen to anyone. And they take on many forms—from eye scratches to foreign objects in the eye and blunt trauma.

If you injure your eye, it’s important to seek medical treatment. Even if you don’t believe the injury is serious, it needs to checked out.

Treatment for Eye Injuries

  • Apply a cold compress on eye without pressure.
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication for pain.
  • Seek prompt medical attention for an eye injury or any time of head-related trauma.

Did you experience an eye injury at work or while playing a sport? Visit AFC Urgent Care Knoxville today for a medical evaluation and treatment plan!