Why Is It Important to Have a Sports Physical?

As any parent knows all too well, when the spring sports season arrives, it is time to get the sports physical! However, with busy schedules, it can be hard to find the time to get your child’s sports physical done in enough time for spring sports!

Fortunately, our team at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville makes it easy by being open seven days a week. And, better yet, no appointment is necessary!

What Is a Sports Physical?

A sports physical is important, as it makes sure an athlete is in good enough physical shape to handle the sports season.

Spring Sports Needing a Sports Physical

  • Baseball
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Track and field
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Why Do I Need a Sports Physical?

A sports physical is needed to ensure the health and fitness level of the athlete is appropriate for participation in physical activity.

During the sports physical, the physician will evaluate overall physical well-being to ensure your child is able to safely participate in the sport, as well as to make certain there are not any existing conditions that could put him or her at risk.

Things Reviewed During a Sports Physical

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Breathing problems, including asthma
  • Joints
  • Overuse injuries
  • Past concussions

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