Will a Neti Pot Treat a Sinus Infection?

The feeling is all too familiar to those of us in Knoxville—When the membranes in your nasal passages become swollen, nasal congestion occurs.

While decongestants can be one of the first things people grab for relief from a stuffy nose, the team at AFC Urgent Care Knoxville wants to make you aware of another tool that might help ease your sinus issues—a Neti pot.

Do Neti Pots Help With Sinus Infections?

When you are unable to breathe through your nose, you are miserable—both during the day and at night. In order to find relief and breathe easier sooner rather than later, many people have started turning to the Neti pot.

How Do You Use a Neti Pot?

  • Fill the Neti pot with a solution of saline and sanitized water.
  • Get into position with your head over the sink, turned to the side.
  • Breathe through your mouth.
  • Insert the spout in the upper nostril.
  • Gently pour solution into nostril.
  • Repeat the process for the other side.
  • Remove the excess water by blowing your nose gently.

Make sure you clean your Neti pot with distilled water and air dry to ensure it remains clear of germs and bacteria.

How Many Times Can You Use Your Neti Pot?

When you are unable to breathe through your nose, you want to do all you can to make the airways clear. However, using your Neti pot too much can lead to other health issues.

How to Avoid Neti Pot Dangers

  • Use only distilled or sterile water.
  • Clean your Neti pot after each use.
  • Only use your Neti pot one to three times a week.
  • Tilt your head the right way.

If you are still having issues with your sinuses after a day or two, then it’s time for a visit to AFC Urgent Care Knoxville. We’ll diagnose the problem and get you back to feeling your best.